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Are your makeup bag low carbon?

21 Mar 2017 - makeup bag
"Wanted to refine, unexpectedly than I think too much, often has to take use of cosmetics, to bring sunscreen, sunburnt repair product, unexpectedly a small cosmetic bag is heavy."Coco want to go on holiday to Bali, but makeup bag let her the environmentalists made difficult.When she travel, she always choose with all kinds of product samples, unexpectedly, there are more and more use of cosmetics, make-up bag more and more "generous".

The late spring and early summer is the time to suited to go out for a walk, many lady will arrange in the annual vacation, honeymoon trip in June.Many MM suitcase, without a full bottle of cosmetic bag.Don't look down upon the cosmetic bag, if appropriate, can save for you luggage space, reduce the weight of the luggage, can also lower carbon.