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About Us
Dear Mr./Ms.,

Hi , I am Candy, Founder of Fuyuan makeup bag factory.

Before Fuyuan was born. I was worked in my hometown as a worker in Korean Enterprises.

One day, A bosom friend of mine who work in a US-owned luggage company in Shenzhen call me ,ask me to to work and develop in Shenzhen. At that time, Shenzhen had just developed. And I decided came out to learn to meet the world outside, so I came to Shenzhen. Entered this US-owned bag company.

During this period, I began to love this industry, and I learned a lot about how to making a good bag, and also added a taste of myself.

Suddenly one day, the idea came to me ,I decided that making bag as my own career, presenting the beauty of the bag to every woman, making every single girl more beautiful and confident!

In February 2003,Fuyuan was founded  in a small house in Shiyan YingrenShi village with an area of only 200 square meters.

In June 2004,We moved to the industrial park of the Shiyan Guantian Industrial Zone with an area of 600 square meters;

In December 2005,Our factory has expanded to 1,200 square meters, twice as large as before;

In December 2008, In order to complete customer orders(and large orders) with better efficiency, we found Guanlan Xintian Innovation Industrial Park with an area of 2,000 square meters. Guanlan is the largest raw material market in South China, only one hour away from the commercial circle.
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