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How to custom canvas makeup bag

24 Sep 2019 - canvas makeup bags,custom canvas makeup bags,personalized canvas makeup bags,custom canvas makeup bag
Canvas makeup bag is more and more popular, but there are many kinds of personalized canvas makeup bags in the market, how do we custom canvas makeup bags? Here are some general knowledge about custom canvas makeup bags.

The first little common sense about custom canvas makeup bag: raw material

The canvas feels delicate and the canvas is originally a burlap material. It is definitely textured. It is just a good canvas texture, and it has a uniform and delicate feel. The fabric with poor quality feels rough and even hard.
custom canvas makeup bags

The second little common sense: look at the linings and accessories

The lining of pure cotton is much more expensive than the lining of chemical fiber. Of course, it is more solid and not easy to draw, and the hand feel is first-class. Maybe we will encounter this situation from time to time, the appearance of the bag is not broken, the lining is broken first, so when selecting the canvs makeup bags, the lining is very important. A good canvas makeup bags, the details of the lining can not be ignored.
canvas makeup bags

The third little common sense: color

Compared with leather makeup bags or other material makeup bags, canvas makeup bags are always available in a variety of colors. The main reason is that the fixing problem of canvas fabrics has not been solved well, and the color is not bright and beautiful. Therefore, when we custom canvas makeup bags and choose the color canvas makeup bags and the body LOGO, pay special attention to whether the color is uniform and faded.   
personalized canvas makeup bags

The 4th common sense: work

The finer the stitched stitches, the stronger the bag and the less likely it is to open the thread. Companies or buyers of custom canvas makeup bags should know this. Regardless of the canvas makeup bags stitched with open or dark lines, the length of the stitches should be uniform and there is no exposed thread. Pay attention to whether the stitching is free of wrinkles, whether the wire is in place, and whether the wire head will cause cracking of the bag.
personalized canvas makeup bags
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