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Personalized hanging toiletry bag client from France

15 Dec 2018 - personalized hanging toiletry bag,hanging toiletry bag
December 10, 2018 is a very special day, our company welcomed a guest from French -- mike, who want to personalized hanging toiletry bag.

Tracy, the purchasing agent of Michael's company, contacted me that their boss Michael and her colleague would come to our company to negotiate the personalized hanging toiletry bag price. They arrived at our company at seven o 'clock in the evening. Since we have quoted the price for this hanging toiletry bag order and made two samples for them and quoted the corresponding price, they think our samples are very good, so they have brought all the samples about this order to our company, including one piece hanging toiletry bag, one diaper bag , 2 styles drawstring bags, and one piece denim handbag. Of course, what matters most to them is the toilety bag, they are ready to ask us to re-calculate the best price for them on the spot.

MIkes has several chain cosmetics stores in France, He really wants to customize a high quality hanging toiletry bag to sell.

At first, I led them to the manager's office and introduced him to the sales manager .The manager had prepared green tea for them. During the conversation, Michael put forward some suggestions on sample modification, and asked us to re-calculate the best price for him based on the modified part.

When the manager checked the price, Michael and Leo were shown around our sample room. They saw many interesting products and were very satisfied with our lathe workers and product molding. "we are sure to have a lot of orders to work with in the future, Especially makeup bags and mommy bags” Michael said happily. After see samples we went back to the manager's office. During the conversation, I realized Michael's Chinese was so good, I gave him a thumbs-up, also with my manager.

Due to the urgent delivery time, we confirmed the order on the spot after several rounds of bargaining. Finally, we took photos happily at the front desk of the company and arranged a taxi to sent Michael to his hotel.

Personalized hanging toiletry bag

From Michael's words, we can conclude that there are several reasons why we can get this order.

First, salesgirl offer quotation in time, reply quickly, reply complete information, including packing information, and we are very good at custom toiletry bag;

Second, due to our 15 years of cosmetic bag manufacturing experience, the sample effect is good, almost exactly the same as the original sample;

Third, the delivery time of the customer is urgent. All products need to be delivered within 30 days. as a cosmetic bag factory, we are good at wholesale cosmetic bag, Our production capacity matches his delivery time.
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