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Two Method to Clean Your Makeup Bag!

28 May 2017 - makeup bag
With the new season comes new makeup trends and the craving to buy all sorts of new products. While how much you invest in is between you and your credit card, you may also want to embrace a bit of “out with the old, in with the new” this spring. Make room for new loves by tossing the broken, old, and tired products sitting around since last season.

1. Throw out anything broken or old.

  This is especially true with mascaras and lipsticks as these will go bad (and spread dangerous bacteria) the quickest.“I love the sectional separator inserts from Bed Bath & Beyond and The Container Store. When your makeup is divided in to sections, you can organize better and it saves time, because you can see everything and grab what you need,”says celebrity makeup artist Amanda Shackleton. While sorting out old from new, follow the general rule that mascara and liquid eye products once opened should only be kept 2-3 months, liquid foundation up to a year, and lipstick up to a year (unless you’ve been ill, then toss immediately). Many of our favorite skin care products have active ingredients that lose their efficacy as they sit around. Everything has a shelf life!

  While you’re in the cleaning groove, you’ll want to clean the interior of your makeup bag as well. A disinfecting wipe is good for any type of plastic-lined bags, and soft cloth versions you can just throw in a washing machine with your laundry. Don’t be afraid to be zealous and do quick swipe over the outside of your products with another one of those disinfecting wipes.
Makeup Bag
2. Minimize the amount of product in the makeup bag you have.

  Do you really need hundreds of the same type of pink lip gloss? If you crave variety, opt for smaller, travel-size products to save space. “Mini tester size mascaras and glosses are great. Most cosmetic companies will give you samples when you buy a larger one, so don’t be afraid to ask for them!” says Shackleton.

  Separate products by category (lips, eyes, blush, etc.) and place in a container or organizer that separates the products. “I like to organize by color palette within the category and then from light to dark,” says professional organizing consultant Donna David, president of Donna David Company in New York City. David recommends you then store makeup in a drawer or in a cabinet away from sunlight and humidity. Do not keep makeup in the bathroom — it’s too humid of a spot where germs and bacteria can grow.