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Why the triangular-shaped cosmetic bag is welcomed

15 Nov 2018 -

Like a wild horse, It might be hard to control, but attractive and intriguing. Didn't want to have a try? If you're a fashion girl, the cosmetic bag is essential part in your life. Why? Why we need cosmetic bag?

In your shiny cosmetic bag, what kind of cosmetics you will put. Throughout history women put their health at risk with many of their homemade cosmetics. Well, you need according to your own skin to prepare cosmetics. If you are oily skin, you could contain oil control products in cosmetic bags. If you are dry skin, you must pay attention to the moisturizing products. If you are sensitive skin, you are sure to bring in isolation protective effects.

The skin is always oily you, even if at home is done all sorts of the skin care step that controls oil, also need to carry some of the magic weapon that helps to control the oil to keep skin at all time to keep fresh and transparent qualitative feeling. Wait until noon or afternoon, use the oil absorbent paper to absorb redundant grease, the product that USES tight pore is quick to conceal the pore of the two sides of the nose, finally use the control oil powder cake to make up a bit of powder in the T area.

Dry skin needs most is hydrating, especially in the office environment is dry, if you feel the skin tight will use some moisturizing spray, or use essence dew to way up in the face gently. If your skin is dry and dry lines, it can also be used to moisturize the eye stick, its quick hydration effect, make skin Q elastic.

The most need to relieve and repair products in the daily care of allergy skin to help skin calm. After the skin care steps end, you should pay attention to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from air pollution. If skin is allergic reaction, can use soothing spray to relieve skin, also can use the soothing class essence element gently on the skin surface, gently press let it absorb.

This is a beautiful cosmetic bag. This cosmetic bag is suitable for your beloved beauty products, favorite cosmetics and important receipts. It's just the standard size to fit into your handbag . The chic rose gold bag in a trendy triangular design does not only impress due to its look but also due to the high-quality. Simple, shiny and super handy cosmetic bag. Hope to see you again…