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How to Choose a Make Up Bag

05 Jan 2017 - multifunctional makeup bag

A multifunctional makeup bag is essential for keeping your cosmetics well organized and it prevents makeup items from coming open and spilling inside your purse. A well-made cosmetic bag is easy to clean and protects your items. The right makeup bag also suits your specific style and provides a good fit for all your beauty items. When you choose the right makeup bag, finding your cosmetic items is more effective and less time consuming. 

multifunctional makeup bag
1:Look at different types of makeup bags to determine which style best suits your needs. Since there are a variety of different styles, sizes and colors available, pick a few different bags that have all of these features. 

2:Place your cosmetics inside the cosmetic bag. Is there plenty of room to fit all of your items comfortably? Are the items constricted inside the bag? Is it difficult to zip the makeup bag close? Does it fit inside your purse? Does it contain a zipper or a Velcro adhesive closure?

3:Find a makeup bag with a zipper closure as opposed to a Velcro closure.Zipper closures stay closed even when the makeup bag shifts around in your purse. Makeup bags with Velcro closures are more likely to come open when your makeup bag is moved around in your purse. This movement can also cause your cosmetic items to come out of the bag and come open while inside your purse-leading to stains inside your purse.

multifunctional makeup bag

4:Consider whether you need a makeup bag that comes with an organizer inside it. Check to see if this compartment is removable, which makes it easier to clean. A makeup bag organizer keeps all of your cosmetic items neat and makes finding your items a lot easier when you are in a hurry.

5:Determine how many pockets you need. Some cosmetic bags come with several pockets, while others come with only a few pockets for powder and lipsticks.

6:Look at the material that the makeup bag is made from. Nylon, polyester or microfiber makeup bags are easy to clean with a damp washcloth. Many of these can also be hand washed with a gentle detergent when powder or other substances stain the outside or the inside of the makeup bag. Make sure the cosmetic bag has the same material on the inside.

7:Check the sturdiness of the bag. Does it provide good protection for your makeup products? Does it prevent your items from moving around too much while they are inside the bag?