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Your essential elements of cosmetic bag

17 Feb 2017 - cosmetic bag
    For most girls, the bag which will have a special cosmetic bag! The most trouble is that the makeup bag put too many things that led the bag in particular sink! Do not know if there is no sense of the same little with me, then just like the famous beauty master kevin teacher to look at those things that are essential for cosmetic bags!
First, A lip balm
    Kevin teacher said, lip balm do not bring the ingredients of mint, so a wider range of a lip balm , If you often do the plane or travel, you can use it in the eye or other dry places !
Second,makeup products
    Carry a makeup with a good look makeup products. Choose to hold makeup, concealer effect of good metal cushion powder, so you can also save the carrying powder or loose powder.
Third, eyebrow powder
    The reason why carrying eyebrow powder instead of eyebrow pencil, because the use of eyebrow powder more extensive. In addition to eyebrows, but also can deepen the eye socket, facial edge repair capacity.
Fourth,coral lipstick
    The use of lipstick is also very much. As long as not the red color of this lipstick, pale lipstick can act as blush or even eye shadow, eye rendering. Note Oh, the selection does not contain crystal powder powder lipstick.
    If more than the same, then it is mascara! Enlarge the magic of both eyes!
    What's your cosmetic bag?
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