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6 Ways To De-Stress Your Custom Makeup Bags

28 Dec 2016 - custom makeup bags

Between dirty brushes, smeared lipsticks and expired mascaras, custom makeup bags

 — which exist solely for the purpose of making us more beautiful can get pretty ugly. When left unkempt, a once-organized cosmetic pouch can become a propagation ground for microbe, dirt and disorder, and it can add a whole lot of pressure to your daily getting-ready power.


Prioritizing periodic maintaining of your custom makeup bags or counter as a familiar part of your beauty procedure will help make your products more accostable and your mornings less intense.


Below, we present six essential tips and tricks for stress-free cosmetic community.


1. Out With The Old


The most considerable step in creating a stress-free, well-organized custom makeup bags is to get rid of any items that may be past their prime. A few guidelines: Mascara generally should be thrown out after 3-6 months, eye and lip pencils can last up to five years, and eyeshadows can last around two years. Toss lipsticks and lip glosses, as well as foundation and concealer, after two years. Nail polish can last for longer, but if its getting dry or the colors have separated completely, just get rid of it.

 custom makeup bags

2. Classify Products


Once youve disposed of overdue products, take stock of what you have. Get rid of any products that you havent used in over a year (regardless of their expiration date). Wipe the rest of your cosmetics clean with a humid cloth and sort by type before putting them back away.

 custom makeup bags

3. Clean Your Brushes


It can be easy to forget to clean makeup brushes in your custom makeup bags, going for months and even years without properly sanitizing the brushes you use on a daily basis. But unclean brushes can become brittle and stiff , and may plug up your pores from bacteria and oil. Seventeens Beauty Department recommends lighting spraying your brushes daily with an anti-bacterial spritzer, and then washing them with baby shampoo and towel-drying once a week.


4. Consolidate


Once youve decided which products are staying and cleaned everything, sort your cosmetics into custom makeup bags that fits your needs size-wise, or several bags sorted by type. If you have a lot of makeup that you want to keep in one place and compartmentalized, invest in a train case.


5. Try A Magnetic Makeup Board


If youre looking to save space and tired of digging through your makeup bag to find that eyeshadow brush or liner thats drifted to the bottom, consider moving your products onto a magnetic board. Try this easy, inexpensive DIY tutorial to reduce cosmetic clutter in your bedroom or bathroom.


6. Replace Old Products


Heres the fun part: Compile a list of your needs and go shopping to fill any gaps in your makeup bag. US News Money recommends investing in quality foundation, concealer and blush, and saving on your eyeshadow, eyeliners and mascara.