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Great Makeup Bags for Traveling

11 Nov 2016 -

One of the top requests I get throughout my social media channels is to do a video on how to travel with makeup. Since I am completely obsessed with anything concerning containers and bags, this truly is the perfect task for me. Here are some of my top picks for makeup bags.

If what you are looking for is an easy way of carrying around your brushes, this is the ideal option for you! This is what it looks like when you roll it up:Its cute, compact, and the store is completely reliable.

Makeup Bag Sets

The smaller bag can fit your brushes while the bigger bag can carry all of your other makeup accessories. This keeps all of your makeup organized, separated and looking cute!

These next bags are available in a variety of different sizes and colors and are perfect for any travel destination (especially for the beach)!http://www.cosmetic-bag-factory.com/pu-leather-cosmetic-bag/designer-leather-cosmetic-pouch-bag.html


This is one funky and quite practical find. This allows you to keep everything organized in one place with elastic holders for all your brushes, as well as two separate bags attached right inside! http://www.cosmetic-bag-factory.com/pu-leather-cosmetic-bag/pu-leather-travel-jewelry-roll-bag-wholesale.html