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6 Makeup Bags To Get You Through Your Busy, Beauty-Filled Life

14 Dec 2016 -

We understand that storing and traveling with beauty products can be a messy job. Oh, the spillage! However, thats no excuse to tote around your favorite lipsticks, lotions and potions in a cosmetic bag. Its time for an upgrade!

Thankfully, Fuyuan cosmetic bag factory has plenty of functional and fashionable options out, ready to keep products organized, accessible and eyeshadow explosions at bay. In fact, weve rounded up a few cosmetic bags that will take your toiletries everywhere from your purse to the beach.

For your purse

We love this canvas cosmetic bag with mirror two main reasons. First, your essentials (lipstick, mascara, eyeliner and blush) fit perfectly inside. Second, its light hue and on-trend stripes make it easy to find in your handbag. Score!


For your home

Theres no denying this linen cotton bag will look gorgeous sitting on your sink or vanity. And youll be happy to know that any leaky products are no match for the waterproof lining. http://www.cosmetic-bag-factory.com/micro-fibre/lady-cosmetic-bag.html

For the office

Whether you need a quick touch up before a big meeting or to transition your look from day to night, youll want this bag at arms reach. Theres even a jewelry strap to hold an extra set of bling.