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Lovely cosmetic bag collection

31 Oct 2016 -

Today  introduce makeup bag is we ordinary times take out , the product putting inside which need use to making up. The main good included powdery cake concealer eyeliner false eyelash glue shadow cheek is red cheek is red brush embellish lipstick lips Lying silkworm.

Now the weather is hot, I will put plug the sweat towels , the basic make-up bag capacity is enough to put the things that I described above.

The makeup bag is that I like made by Japan

Maison DE FLEUR butterfly makeup bag

Capacity is not big, but super cute candy and the candy color and very delicate design of lining, really don't don't of girl! Right, outside wrapped in layers of texture fine yarn!!


The Cinderella of the traditional cloth art, with exquisite embroidery, very good-looking! Capacity is large enough!

Highly recommend!


Cinnamoroll big ear dog cosmetic bag

The cosmetic bag capacity is just right, very suitable for at ordinary times had to go out the door.

Light blue modelling, material is rain wear of that kind of, don't have to worry about completely wet!

This bag I use frequency is very high, a super like!

This is Paul Joe cat powdery cake of cosmetic bag

As smooth as silk fabrics, a bunch of pocket mouth shape, capacity is very large.

As long as not particularly long fundamental things can be put down!

This modelling is quite special, not too easy to get dirty!

PVC  cosmetic bag 0

Three's twin toiletry bags

The material of plastic waterproof, large capacity.

Put wash protect products, very suitable for travel when shampoo conditioner including cleansing soap everything ok!

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