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How to do a nice DIY makeup bags

28 Sep 2016 - makeup bags,cosmetic bag,Pu cosmetic bag,leather makeup bag

Have you ever wanted to sew your very own customized makeup bag? Looking for an easy sewing pattern and DIY sewing project?

Follow along with this simple step by step tutorial to make your very own, the whole process only takes about 1 hour

Sewing Kit: Snips, Thread, Fabric Scissors, Seam Ripper, Ball Pins,

Sewing Machine: Normal Presser Foot, Zipper Presser Foot

Zipper, 6 to 10 inches.

Iron and Ironing Board

Sewing Needle

Fabric 1/2 yard

Lining 1/2 yard (choose a bright color!)

Tape Measure

Step 1:To create the pattern, the bag can be any size you like. Determine the height and width and then add extra for the bottom. Draw squares in the corners on the side that will be the bottom of the bag. I made my squares 2" x 2". These squares form the boxed bottom and the part between them will be the bottom of the bag.

Step 2:Cut out the squares on each corner. You should now have your finished pattern piece.

Step 3:Lay the pattern on the outer fabric and pin in place. I recommend a medium weight cotton or linen canvas for the outer and a quilt weight for the lining. Cut the fabric out, remove the pattern and repeat on the lining and interfacing.

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Step 4:You should now have two pieces of outer fabric, two pieces of lining and two pieces of interfacing.

Step 5:Fuse the interfacing to the wrong side of the outer fabric by following the manufacturer's guidelines

Step 6:Place your zipper wrong side down on top of the lining. Line up the length of the zipper tape with the cut upper edge of the fabric. I prefer to use a zipper that is too long so the pull is out of the way of the sewing area.

Step 7:Place one outer layer on top of the lining and pin in place along the zipper. The outer fabric and the lining should be perfectly in line with each other and both should be flush with the zipper tape.

Step 8:Sew the lining and outer fabric to the zipper. I chose to sew mine with a very small seam allowance because I wanted to see my zipper tape since it is a decorative zipper. You can sew as close as you prefer to the zipper teeth, depending on how much of the tape you prefer to see in the end.

Step 9:press layers away from zipper

Step 10:topstitch zipper

Step 11:place zipper on lining

Step 12:place outer on zipper

Step 13:sew zipper

Step 14:press away from zipper

Step 15:topstitch zipper

Step 16:open zipper halfway

Step 17:open and pin sides

Step 18:sew the sides

Step 19:sewn sides

Step 20:pin corners

Step 21:sew corners

Step 22:turn the layers right side out

Step 23:pin the bottom hole

Step 24:close up hole

Step 25:finished bag

That is the process to make a makeup bag. If you want to custom a complex cosmetic bag .you can choose FuYuan Handbag co.,ltd  which specializes in design and manufacture different kinds of bags including cosmetic bag, cooler bag, school bag, backpack, shoulder bag, travel bag, shopping bag so on.