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How to choose a beauty bag?

27 Nov 2018 - beauty bag

For women, makeup is an essential lesson. Therefore, in their bags, there must be a carry-on beauty bag that can be used to makeup at any time. Therefore, every woman has at least one beauty bag. Although the beauty bag is not the mainstream melody in the family of the bag, it is also an indispensable fashion tool for women. So how do you choose a beauty bag? 3 points let you grasp the choice of beauty bags.

1. The choice of appearance. Since it is carried with you, it must be convenient. The so-called convenience is to be small and delicate.Of course, the size must be appropriate. Not too big or too small. Generally, the size about 18*18cm is very suitable.On the side, be sure to have enough width. This will accommodate the makeup items. Such a beauty bag can be placed in a carry-on bag, and the bag does not appear to be fat.
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2.Material selection. The choice of material must take into account the weight. If the beauty bag is too heavy, it will also cause the burden of carrying it. Therefore, the material to be considered when choosing a beauty bag. The better the effect will be if the material is lighter, and it will not cause a burden on the weight. The beauty bag made of general cloth is the most convenient and light. In addition, we must also consider the wear resistance of the material.
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3.Design choices. This is the internal choice of the beauty bag. We have to choose a multi-layer design. Because most of the cosmetics in our beauty bags are relatively fine, so it is better to divide them into categories. This doesn't make our beauty bags look less messy. It is also more convenient to use. Nowadays, the beauty bags on the market have such a design, and the design is more and more humanized.

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