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Super big boy and his toiletry bag

20 Dec 2016 - toiletry bag

Markko from Finland who is a humor and lovely big boy, on last Wednesday night, he told me that he would fly to Hong Kong have a meeting on Thursday, and then he would come to visit our factory on Friday morning. I was so happy to hear that afraid tell him i can not arrange driver to pick up he tomorrow morning for driver need to go out to delivery, there is no personnel can be arranged to pickup he. he said it in turn to comfort me don't worry, he is a big boy, he can come to our company no pick up.

toiletry bag   

On Friday morning 10:00AM Markko came to our factory on time, and brought his toiletry bags samples, we talk about three hours. then ate lunch together.

Today we start to arrange to making toiletry bag sample for Markko , we will complete the sample and send it to Markko after 3 days.