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Which will be the best toiletry bag for you?

20 Apr 2017 - toiletry bag

The eBags Pack-it Flat is the best toiletry bag for the over packers. The flat toiletry kit is slim and takes up no more room than a pair of jeans.

It contains four compartments to keep your essential beauty products organized and in place, saving you the chore of uprooting everything just to find your toothbrush. The bag has the option to expand, giving you an inch of extra storage space, too!

toiletry bag

The toiletry bag features:

1.a removable hanging hook (great for hanging in the shower);

2.a main compartment featuring a zippered mesh pocket for easy visibility, and elastic-lined pockets for easy organization;

3.an end pocket lined with plastic, perfect for leaky liquids and gels;

4.a narrow, zippered section to keep smaller items organized;

5.and a second narrow end pocket, perfect for your toothbrush.

toiletry bag