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4 Genius Ways to Organize Your Makeup Bag

21 Mar 2017 - Makeup Bag,Makeup Bag Manufacturer,Makeup Bag Factory

Less is more
When it comes to your makeup bag, less is more. You really only need the essentials. (Once your beauty wardrobe is organized, it will be easier to determine what products you actually use day-to-day.) "I always carry a hand sanitizer, mints, floss, lip balm, concealer, a brown smudgy eyeliner, La Prairie Cream Blush, Charlotte Tilbury Retoucher, and TATCHA Blotting Papers," says Nasrat. Another strategy is to pick products that are versatile, says Bailey Sarian, an ipsy stylist. "A lipstick, powder, Q-tips and mascara is all I carry."

Consolidate your lipstick collection
If you love multiple lipsticks but don't want to tote around ten or more tubes, celebrity makeup artist Mickey Williams suggests getting crafty when consolidating your collection. "I use bobbin boxes for my lipsticks. They keep me organized as an artist and I also use them for my own makeup stash. Each well holds about three-quarters of a lipstick, and I label each, so I can go back and refill when needed." Pro tip: The process (cutting, pressing, and pushing the colors into each compartment) can be a bit messy, so wear gloves. These are the seven lipstick shades every woman needs in her beauty arsenal.

Store brushes separately
Brushes need to be taken care of—and cleaned properly. "On the road I use a roll up, brush bin, or a pouch." Tossing them into your makeup bag not only bends their form but also tracks makeup all over your product containers. Let's not even discuss bacteria build-up and transfer to your face," says Williams. The bottom line: Keep them separate, in shape, and wash them regularly. Did you know makeup brushes are one of the 11 everyday items people don't wash nearly enough?

Toss old products

Say farewell to products you don't use or that are old, expired, and broken. Some makeup has a shorter shelf life than others, notes Nasrat. Mascara should be replaced every three months, whereas eye shadows can last a year or two. Lipstick is typically good for a year and foundation is best used within six months to a year. Also, toss out anything that's broken. "It's not worth dipping your hand into shattered eye shadow every morning just to save that little bit of product," says Jennifer Trotter, pro makeup artist, bridal beauty expert, and founder of Lip Service Makeup. Don't miss the 15 things you probably aren't replacing often enough. 

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