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Makeup bag is necessary package for professional women

14 Dec 2016 -

   Nowadays, most women prefer a package “make-up bag”at hand. It becomes an necessary thing for the women, not matter the some fashion ladys, also for professional women.

    It is said that some large enterprises often have international business’s etiquette training. And the trainers always like to ask one question in classroom “what are three necessary packages for professional women in New York ?“Most people can only guess the cosmetic bag and briefcase, and the third package should be sports bag. Cosmetic bag usually with the size B5 paper , will be used in cosmetics, wallet and keys, etc. Briefcase can be put A4 size file at least, sports bag will be for going to the gym with sportswear.  It shows that women pay more attention on the beauty than the men, and they usually do not forget the makeup bag when go outside or travel.

cosmetic bag

    Besides, we suggested that the students should carry a briefcase with only a resume and other documents when go to an interview. Briefcase needs to prepare some makeup tools, identification, and wallets, etc.

    As we all know, you need the mirror or lip in the makeup bag before you enter the office. Furthermore, it should be great if taller girls can use a thin laptop bag and little girl should not use a large computer bag. Because it can appear imbalance, action inconvenience for the little girl.

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