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Beauty Cosmetics Bags: New and Improved

21 Mar 2017 - cosmetics bag,cosmetics case

A proper cosmetics bag is one of those things that you never think much about until you need it – like Band-Aids, or a nail file. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend trip to Baltimore, a month-long journey through South America, or just need to keep a few of the basics in your desk drawer at the office, a cosmetics bag is essential to keeping your beauty products organized, clean, and in one piece. We all know an old Ziplock bag just doesn’t cut it anymore – especially if you’re toting around your $25 Chanel lipstick and $115 Crème de la Mer.

cosmetics bag

To find a cosmetics bag that is right for you consider your needs. If your travel consists of visiting the family for a few days during the holidays, there is no need to invest in a stainless steel train case. There is also no need to cart along 47 beauty products, so par it down to your daily essentials – a half-dozen items should fit nicely into a small-to-medium bag. For the frequent flyers out there, not only do you need ample room to bring along more than just the bare essentials, you also need something durable to endure constant packing and shifting of travel. Long trips, particularly those that require repeated suitcase re-packing, like a tour through Europe, require a case that can stand up to incessant travel; no cheap zippers or flimsy fabric allowed!


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