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How to care for a leather makeup bag

26 Sep 2019 - cosmetic bag manufacturer,leather cosmetic bags,leather cosmetic bag
cosmetic bag manufacturer
Leather cosmetic bag materials are expensive, even for us, a professional cosmetic bag manufacturer with 15 years of experience, the price of making a good cosmetic bag is still very expensive, so in daily life, we need a protective leather cosmetic bag. .
1. Protect your cosmetic bag with vegetable oil.

We want to keep our process as natural as possible, so we use vegetable oils to protect our leather cosmetic bags, which keep the cosmetic bag's surface elastic.

2. Clean the leather cosmetic bag once a year.

Bringing the bag to the leather specialist once a year can extend the life of the bag and remove dirt and bacteria, which can continue to show the natural characteristics of the leather. More importantly, the stains on the surface of the cosmetic bag can be removed to maintain the hygiene of daily contact.

4-玉凤-20190307 - leather makeup bag (1)

3. Soften the leather by hand.

Our bags are soft on their own, but you can speed up the process. Place the bag on a flat surface and roll it up from the bottom. Start on the other side of the cosmetic bag. Then flip it and scroll again.

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4. Usually pay attention to stains.

If you carry the bag we like with you, whether it is in the ink in the office or the wine in the life, the oil stain will pollute the leather cosmetic bag, so in daily use, there is always nothing wrong with caution.