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The girls must cosmetics?

17 Feb 2017 -
Cosmetic bag generally has two kinds: one kind is daily every day carries on the body, small and micro makeup bag; there is a kind of cosmetic bag is to use the travel bag, the bag body is relatively large, can put the daily use skin care products, cosmetics, skin care products are placed in this cosmetic bag. Cosmetic bag must be the right size, easy to carry, at the same time, production must be very beautiful. Because the make-up bag is a woman's love, good cosmetic bag can make a woman happy, which is the source of beauty, it will continue to nourish your beautiful soul. General cosmetics not each one is famous, but we recommend, according to their own consumption, it must have one to two brand-name products, so open the bag, you will feel very happy, at the same time the heart at ease. Every day carry makeup bag only put one or two cosmetic. For example, lipstick, small mirror or makeup powder etc.. Usually we need to have a medium-sized cosmetic bag, it can make the daily use of cosmetics inside, so, once the need to re makeup or makeup will be more convenient. Medium-sized cosmetics bag should prepare for what kind of cosmetics? I think two lipsticks most commonly used must be ready in two, one is cold colors, one is warm color, also don't forget to prepare a lip balm; cosmetic mirror surface micro and delicate; and the day to use eye shadow; and different colors of the foundation; cold and white blush; there are particularly important for moisturizing products, it can add moisture to the skin; if you are a perfume gens, still can put a bottle of smaller perfume in the make-up bag; and of course with the eyelash curler, mascara; it is better to have a relatively small maintenance and cleaning supplies; the hand is second cards to a woman, so don't forget to match a hand cream in the make-up bag; in order to avoid bacteria on the hands come into contact with the skin on the makeup, prepare some makeup cotton and cotton swab is essential; beautiful makeup cannot do without the neat hairstyle, so in the end but also with a a small comb. Cosmetic products very much, your makeup bag in any case is not all cosmetics, therefore a cosmetic bag of cosmetics, must as far as possible to use. Sometimes can be dual-use, sometimes also can be used as three, for example, a pink or rose red lipstick, it not only can be used for lip, emergency situations can also do eye cream
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