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Do You Know the Wash Gargle Bag

21 Dec 2016 - Wash Gargle Bag,Wash Gargle Bag for Men,Man Wash Gargle Bag

Wash gargle bag is a kinds of package which you don't always think of it, but it us difficult to leave it on your journey. Small size can bear many washing things with its simple and practical application in our life. It can silently receive a pile of "disposal" wash maintenance items, and even some batteries and medicine.

Here offer many kinds of material washing gargle bag for your choose.

1. Plastic wash gargle bag.

Its material completely use plastic film which likes the PVC.  The surface of some material match with all sorts of design and color ,and combine with a simple zip and carrying, its shape is rectangle, half round, oval and so on. There are pink, blue, purple, green, yellow and other colors in the market! The lifespan of plastic wash bag usually is six months or more!  
2. Linen material.

This material wash gargle bag is one of the most popular bath bag now! Actually,  the linen Main material is a kind of very strong rubber net. Its advantage is resistant to high temperature and low temperature. Its maximum loading is about 15 kg!

Linen Wash Gargle Bag
3.Plastic mesh material  

It has the characteristic of leaking and breathing, this wash gargle bag is easy to dry without peculiar smell,and suitable for your journey. Its surface can't printing all sorts of fonts and design because of the particularity of the material !

4.Leather material

Compared with the plastic bag, the leather wash bag is a upgrade product. its shape is different, such as circle, rectangular, square, stone, and so on! Some leather products bath package is suitable for different people with the elegant design!

leather Wash Gargle Bag
Do you prefer which material wash gargle bag? Welcome to find Shenzhen Fuyuan Handbag Co., Ltd. to learn more. Looking forward to our cooperation in the near future..