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A special day

25 Apr 2018 -

We met a special American friend yesterday,her name is Delia,she is a designer of bags,she specializes in designing all kinds of bags,for example,cosmetic bag,handbag,make-up bag,shopping bag,and so on.She like design all fashion bags.

Delia is a very cheerful girl,her radiant smile bring us a lot of happiness,we showed her around the sample room and she found many favorite styles of bags.She like genuine leather and PU very much,she says genuine leather is perfect for wallet,and at this moment,she is try to design more fashion bags to meet the market,so will have many sample orders afer she back to USA,if the samples can be popular on the market,then will make big order after that.After visit the sample room,we took photoes at the front desk of our company.

After that,we chat on the office and taste Chinese tea,then we give some of her favorite PU color cards to her when she leave our compamy.

Finally,We arranged for a taxi to take her back to the hotel.

We hope she goes furhter and further alone the road of her design,and we can have more chance to cooperation!