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Mini black makeup bag with mirror

04 Dec 2018 - black makeup bag,makeup bag with mirror,mini black makeup bag
Here are some tips for choosing a makeup bag: First, keep it as small as possible, make it easy carry and enough to hold daily cosmetics is ok, Generally, it is recommended that the size of each side of the bag should be less than 18 cm, and the side should be some width, so that all the items can be put into the bag and the makeup bag can be put into the larger handbag; Secondly, keep it as light as possible. The weight of the material should also be considered. More lighter the material is, the less burden it will cause on carrying. In addition, genuine leather is the best choose, wear-resisting the qualitative material is able to bear or endure, do not have overmuch compose to act the role of, ability use a longer time. The third, the design with more interlayer, because the article item that puts in cosmetic bag is very delicate, have a lot of little thins want to put, because this has the design of more interlayer, can more easily sort things in order. The fourth, colors need be versatile, wear any color cloth to be able to carry out with it conveniently.

Today I recommend this mini black makeup bag is in small size with 2 Interlayer, it's a black makeup bag. There are 4 colors and 2 sizes for you to choose from.

mini makeup bag with mirror

Simple and elegant appearance, versatile color, practical functionality. Portable and convenient. Simple and elegant appearance, versatile color, practical functionality. The upper portion of the first floor has a zipper mesh bag (close mesh bag can receive small items, such as mask, lipstick), and a small mirror, the following part of the first layer has a small slot (large size model with five pen slot, small size has four pen slot), a transparent spacer block brush anti-shedding, avoid brush card on the zipper. Meticulous workmanship: smooth fabrics, uniform thread, each place of the process is very simple but show quality; High quality zipper: the seemingly ordinary zipper is actually carefully selected, durable, smooth and rustproof.

black mini makeup bag